North Korea claims to have Hydrogen bomb


North Korea has ramped up its threat today (Sunday September 3, 2017) claiming that Kim Jong Un has personally inspected their next step to terrorize the world, a Hydrogen Bomb that will fit on the tip of a long range Intercontinental ballistic Missile.

The claim was first reported by the South Korean News organization, Yonhap News. The Bomb is reportedly “adjustable for 10s kilotons to 100s kilotons.  Experts have expressed doubts about North Koreans previous claims.

North Korea has tested 5 nuclear bombs since 2006. Two tests were done just last year under the nose of the Obama Administration. More recently they have been testing long range missile launches that have gone as far as 2,300 miles.

The United Nation’s concern over Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric has escalated with tough sanctions. In the more recent incident North Korea sent a long range missile over Japan causing the Prime Minister of Japan to warn citizens to take cover in the northern part of their country.

Assuming North Korea is just bragging about something that they really don’t have is not an option to neighboring countries. These threatening statements must be answered with some type of force.  We here at are watching the situation very closely and will keep our readers updated as new information comes in!


2 Replies to “North Korea claims to have Hydrogen bomb”

  1. There are some really smart people I follow on Twitter who know way more about bombs than I do, and it seems like there’s a general consensus around these points: 1) it was a thermonuclear explosion, 2) it was the largest/most power test to date, and 3) even if this isn’t an h-bomb, the North Koreans are getting closer and closer–and moving pretty fast, too.

    I can’t speak on the matter of nuclear technology, but I do want to point out the poetic timing of everything. As in, this comes so shortly after both Trump and Tillerson seemed to think North Korea was finally starting to “show restraint” and “respect” us. Yeah, on second thought…


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