Kim Jong Un is at again!


NORTH Korea has warned that the US risks starting an “uncontrollable phase of nuclear war” by conducting a joint military exercise with South Korea this week. North Korea is trying to save face after backing down to President Trump’s warning of a fiery fate. The Democrat People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) says that they are concerned of an invasion of North Korea with the war games coming up between the United States and South Korea off the coast of Korea early this week.

We know that they think that they will look weak to the population of NK by allowing these events. They can usually control what the people know but when huge bombs go off, it hard to keep that a secret. North Korea is controlled by the Songun philosophy where the culture accepts their duty to the military and the strength of the military is everything and more important than life itself. It is not hard to maintain that culture when the masses do not know what they are missing out on in life.

Kim Jong Un

North Korea is well known for their threats of violence towards the United States and the Leaders of the U.S. never really responded with much force. It reminds me of when a Chihuahua is barking at the heels of Pit Bull and the Pit Bull just ignores it and finally after enough annoying yapping…. Then comes President Trump. Trump was elected under the campaign promises of Making America Great Again #MAGA with the idea of America First. Trump has to hold firm. Kim Jong Un has already backed down once this month, did he think the Americans and South Koreans were canceling their joint military exercise? Well they are not.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has confirmed that a reduction in the number of US troops taking part in this week’s joint exercise with South Korea has nothing to do with the ongoing tensions with Pyongyang.”The numbers are by design to achieve the exercise objectives and you always pick what you want to emphasise,” he said. General Mattis

“Right now there is a heavy emphasis on command post operations, so the integration of all the different efforts.”

Mr Mattis spoke while travelling to Jordan, where he will meet with Middle East leaders to discuss the fight against ISIS.

Later on at 9:00 pm a former ambassador of North Korea has put out to the press that Kim has an escape plan for fleeing over the border to China in the event of a US military attack on North Korea. Details of the secret plan were given to MI5 and the CIA by Thae Yong-ho last year after his defection to the West. The former deputy North Korean ambassador to Britain, once a trusted member of Kim’s inner sanctum, said the dictator would direct his country’s military response from the safety of Chinese soil, close to the Yalu river which marks the border of the two countries.

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