ICBM launched from NK, enters atmosphere land in Ocean

North Korea Test Launched an Intercontinental  Ballistic Missile on July 4th, 2017. A US defence official stated that the projected distance with this “new type of missile” has a distance estimate of 5500 miles putting Alaska and Hawaii in a potential crosshair. There is no way of knowing whether North Korea has the technology of reducing the size of a nuclear warhead to fit on the missile.

It has been reported that the second stage had a separate 30-second burn cycle which allows the missile to travel the extra distance to classify it as an ICBM.
Another defense official says they are still assessing whether the re-entry of the missile was fully controlled. For a missile to successfully strike a target it would have to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere without breaking up.
During a United Nations Security Council meeting Wednesday, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley called Pyongyang’s ICBM missile test a “clear and sharp military escalation.” She said that US military action remained on the table to stop North Korea from threatening the US and its allies.
“The US is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies,” Haley said. “One of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces. We will use them if we must, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. We have other methods of addressing those who threaten us, and of addressing those who supply the threats.”
Haley called for an “escalated diplomatic and economic response” and said the US would have a new UN resolution in the coming days.
Haley said the US will also “look at any country that chooses to do business with this outlaw regime,” and specifically called out China, noting that 90% of trade with North Korea comes from China.


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One Reply to “ICBM launched from NK, enters atmosphere land in Ocean”

  1. I don’t like it,It ‘s got me scared for my son’s who are in there 40’s now and have small kids. I am in my 70’s and don’t care for myself. It is something that will I think will always be on my mine.


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